Pediatric Sleep Coach Diane Farkas

Hi, my name is Diane Farkas

I have a great appreciation for the importance of sleep and the incredible coaching method originated by Kim West, “The Sleep Lady”. I myself had a child who was not a good sleeper and at the time the only sleep training method I was told about was the ‘Cry it Out’ method which I knew I would never be able to do. I was desperate and would do anything to get him to nap including driving in a car until he fell asleep, parking us in the shade so I could get a much-needed nap at the end of my second pregnancy.

What Families Say About Working with Me

Sleep training was an absolute game changer for our family. We went from 3+ wakings per night to sleeping through the night in less than 2 weeks. My husband was skeptical that anything could help our sleep situation and when I asked how he thought sleep training with Diane went he said, "life changing!". We did not think that sleeping through the night was even a possibility for our family, but with Diane's guidance and support we were able to follow our custom plan and help Zal figure out the whole sleeping thing. He is happier and we feel like functioning humans again. Not only did we see amazing results, but the process was much gentler than other methods we had tried before. Diane made sure to help us develop a plan that we felt comfortable following. Every step of the way, she was there to talk things through, answer our questions and make adjustments to our plan as needed. Throughout the whole process we felt so supported and confident that we were doing the right thing for our son and family because we had Diane in our corner, constantly cheering us on! I cannot say enough good things about Diane and her sleep coaching skills!

Helen, mom of an 11 month old

We used Diane’s gentle sleep coach training to begin sleep training for our 7-month old daughter. Prior to beginning the training, she needed to be nursed to sleep for both naps and during the night and would wake up sometimes 3-4 times during the night to feed. After 1 week of the training, she was no longer nursing to sleep, but had begun falling asleep on her own after being put down awake in her crib! Throughout every stage of this process, we would have been lost without Diane’s knowledge, advice, empathy, and encouragement. She offered immense expertise around not only sleep training, but babies overall development, and always provided information without judgement or criticism. She made herself readily available to answer any questions we had, and felt like a true ally in coming up with plans and strategies to help us all achieve more and better sleep! I would highly recommend Diane’s services to anyone considering sleep training their child! 

Trinity, mom of a 7 month old